Looking to the Future

At Global, we’re always looking at the road ahead – continuously innovating and diversifying to help meet our customers’ energy needs while reducing emissions. GlobalGLO™ makes the road easy at every turn.

Closeup of an electric charging port on a car, and a person holding a charging device.

Electric Vehicle Charging

We are expanding our EV charging operations across our retail fueling facilities and marketplaces to provide more options than ever for our guests. At all new Alltown Fresh™ locations, we are installing the infrastructure for EV charging, so it’s ready to convert and serve guests who choose EVs as their mode of transportation. In September 2023, we activated our first company-owned direct current fast charging station at XtraMart in Worcester, Massachusetts, and have plans for additional sites in the near future.

Closeup of an unfinished car on an assembly line, focused on a component labeled H2.


Global is exploring development of scalable hydrogen as a fuel solution for the difficult-to-abate transportation sector, which includes medium- to heavy-duty transportation, drayage and port facilities. We are also examining solutions related to green hydrogen.

Aerial shot of a solar array over a charging station in a convenience store parking lot.

Solar and more

Our unique “Resilient Gas Station” in Ayer, Massachusetts, includes a direct current fast charging station, a solar canopy and battery energy storage – all examples of the cutting-edge solutions that Global is employing.

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