SubZero® is Global’s proprietary pour point depressant.

SubZero® provides a highly economical way to assure winter flow of heating oil when the temperature drops.

Use of SubZero® additive:

  • Can lower pour point by as much as 40°F ¹.
  • Improves fuel lubricity.
  • Disperses water to help reduce the formation of ice in fuel oil.
  • Safely helps to reduce fuel filter and fuel line plugging using a non-alcoholic jet aircraft de-icer chemistry.

SubZero® is available in case lots of 12 – 16 oz. bottles, 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums exclusively from Global Companies LLC and Global Montello Group Corp. The recommended treatment level is 16 oz. Subzero® additive per 250 gallons of heating oil. Download the SubZero® Flyer.

If you are interested in learning more about SubZero® Pour Point Depressant, please contact by email at [email protected], or the Global Marketing Department by email or by phone at 800-685-7222.

¹ In a performance study, the pour point protection of heating oil being evaluated was increased from two to two and half times product that was not treated (e.g. from -20°F to over -40°F).

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