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When you work with Global, you have access to more than 75 years of experience serving the energy needs of businesses, industrial enterprises, government agencies, and homeowners.

Benefits of Working with Global

Global is one of the largest branded and unbranded wholesalers in the Northeast, supplying fuel to approximately 1,600 retail service stations, and a branded wholesaler for 14 fuel brands. We offer:

  • Extensive infrastructure and a network of terminals that leverages our resources to offer competitive pricing and dependable supply.
  • Global Fleet Card program as well as custom Fleet programs for major fuel brands.
  • Dedicated and experienced brand support team from our home office.
  • Retail co-op programs to support your business.
  • Committed sales and field support for your retail station(s).

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GlobalCONNECT is your one stop shop to help manage your business with Global Partners LP. GlobalCONNECT offers a singular site for all your account information and market prices to help you make the best decisions to grow your business. With our Buy Now feature, you can take advantage of the intra-day market price moves with easy online ordering direct from your home computer, or using the GlobalCONNECT App on your phone.

With GlobalCONNECT you can:

  • Access Pricing Information for both current day and historical prices
  • Review and Print BOLs, Invoices, end EFP information for easy back office reconciliation
  • Leverage Global’s real-time buying platform and take advantage of the daily market with the BUY NOW feature to place a market order, or make a bid
  • Manage existing contracts to better track performance on these deals

To find out more, please call your Sales Rep or reach out to our Marketing Department at 1-800-685-7222, or email [email protected].



Invoices and BOLs

Access invoices and BOLs in real-time through GlobalCONNECT and easily print or download into excel for easy accounting of all business.



See current day prices or historical pricing by terminal and product.  View in GlobalCONNECT or download into excel for easy analysis.


Real-Time Contracts

Easy to use interface for market orders or placing bids using the BUY NOW feature. Forwards and Heat Curves are also available online for those customers participating in Fixed Price programs with Global.

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GlobalCONNECT Online- Wholesale

All these features are available on the Mobile App available in Android or IOS marketplace. You can access your invoices, BOLS, Prices, and easy online ordering for on-the-go prompt purchases direct from your phone.

To find out more about how GlobalCONNECT can help you, please contact your sales rep or reach out to our Marketing Department at 800-685-7222.
Email: [email protected]

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