Cold Flow Posting

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Please note:

  • Samples are at the lab and we will post CFPP & Cloud as results become available.
  • All temperatures above reported in Fahrenheit.
  • CFPP: Cold Filter Plugging Point (ASTM D6371) – The temperature level at which a fuel filter will plug due to the crystallization or gelling of paraffin wax in fuel. CFPP is considered the lowest operating temperature of ULSD in a diesel engine.
  • Cloud Point: (ASTM D5773) – The temperature level at which paraffin wax in ULSD begins to crystallize as the fuel cools.
  • CFPP: and Cloud Point temperatures listed above are for fuel at the corresponding terminal on the day of loading. Global Partners LP and its direct and indirect subsidiaries assume no responsibility for the performance of such fuel once commingled downstream from such terminal.