Branded & Unbranded Fuel Supply

Global is one of the largest branded and unbranded wholesalers in the Northeast, supplying fuel to approximately 1,600 retail service stations.

Backed by our logistics experts, the extensive storage capacity of our terminal network ensures that our customers have access to a competitive and dependable fuel supply. Global supplies the needs of resellers, jobbers, and independent service stations throughout the Northeast and in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Branded Supply

Global offers the following brands:

  • 76 brand logo 76
  • BP logo BP
  • Citgo logo Citgo
  • Exxon logo Exxon
  • Gulf logo Gulf
  • Irving logo Irving
  • Mobil logo Mobil
  • Phillips 66 logo Phillips 66
  • Shell logo Shell
  • Sunoco logo Sunoco

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Branded Supply Contact

Brand Division – BPCTeam
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 781-786-6321

Unbranded Supply

Our unbranded gasoline program gives you access to Global’s retail standards program, credit card processing, and a host of preferred vendor offerings. Global’s experts ensure a dependable supply of gasoline at a competitive price.

Global offers the following unbranded supply, or we can supply you with your own station branded gasoline:

  • Global fuel logo Global brand
  • Xtra fuels logo Xtra Fuels
  • VP Racing Fuels logo VP Racing Fuels
  • • “Spot” unbranded

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Unbranded Supply Contact

Brand Division – BPCTeam
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 781-786-6321