Global is positioned to lead the Northeast in its transition to low-carbon, renewable fuels. We are committed to steering our industry toward a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Renewable Fuels for the Future

We are expanding our focus and investment in renewable fuels, electric vehicle (EV) strategy and sustainability within our operations. To meet growing consumer demand for EV and low-carbon fuels, we are adding EV fast chargers to our fueling stations and offering renewable biofuels fuels at our terminals. We are also exploring hydrogen and carbon credits for customers.

Project Carbon Freedom

Global is a founding member of Project Carbon Freedom, which seeks to advance clean energy legislation and increase the use of renewable liquid heating fuel, known as Bioheat. Our goal is to decarbonize the residential heating sector in the Northeast by advocating for policies that promote low carbon, renewable fuels.

Fuel the Future Competition

To help us imagine the fueling station of 2030, Global holds an annual design competition for college and graduate students from across the Northeast. Student teams submit their vision for stations that support many different types of renewable fuels and EV chargers, as well as amenities such as convenience stores, dog parks and exercise and relaxation areas.

Renewable Diesel in Oregon

Global helps meet the need for renewable diesel on the West Coast and internationally from our terminal at the Port of Columbia County in Clatskanie, Oregon. Renewable diesel is a cleaner fuel derived entirely from plant and animal byproducts. It can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help meet state and federal low-carbon fuel standards.

Waste to Renewable Fuel

We partner with Lifecycle Renewables to turn used cooking oil and grease from our food services into renewable energy. The recycled waste oil becomes renewable, low-carbon heating oil to warm spaces where people live, work and play. It replaces fossil fuels, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving local air quality.

EV Strategy

We are adapting to serve customers in a low-carbon environment by installing EV fast charging stations at select locations and making our new stores EV ready. We offer a premium charging experience for our EV drivers.

Alltown Fresh: A Local Take on Convenience

Alltown Fresh, our premium food and convenience markets, provide customers with locally sourced sustainable products. The sleek, farmstand-style market features organic coffee, fresh food choices and chef-driven, made-to-order meals, including organic, natural, gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options.