Global at a Glance

Global manages its diverse portfolio of businesses with one end goal – to best serve the needs of our customers.

Who we are

Global Partners LP (NYSE: GLP) is the adaptive distribution energy company.

What we do

Global Partners sources the lowest cost energy in bulk and transports products through its vertically integrated adaptive distribution network to wholesale, commercial and retail customers.

Why it matters

The energy market has inherent uncertainty, and dependency on any single point in the supply chain limits reliability.

Why it’s better

Global Partners’ vertically integrated model gives the company the unique ability to efficiently adapt when markets change, creating stability for its customers, all while conducting a business that’s been guided by family, with integrity and respect, for over 75 years.

What does “adaptive distribution” mean?

Fueled by Global Partners’ concentrated investment in its vertically integrated network, adaptive distribution enables the company to respond to market changes efficiently, ensure balance of supply/demand, reduce uncertainty and preserve strategic independence.