Voluntary Carbon Offsets

GlobalGLO™ makes it easy to offset less avoidable emissions with Voluntary Carbon Offsets (VCOs), saving Global customers the hassle and added fees of multiple vendors.

Fully customized to your needs, VCOs can be combined with any of our fuel products to help achieve your company’s sustainability goals.

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First, carbon emissions result from activities using fossil fuels or their use in processes like transportation and manufacturing. When that organization wants to offset those emissions, they may decide to purchase carbon credits.

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Businesses then purchase voluntary carbon offsets (VCOs). GlobalGLO Low Carbon Solutions™ makes this easy by pairing fuels used every day with high quality, validated carbon offsets.

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Once purchased, VCOs will fund third-party certified projects aimed towards the removal of carbon or prevention of new carbon in the atmosphere. Without the value created by VCOs, many of these projects would not occur, projects like conserving forest lands/reforestation or adding methane capture in landfills.

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Finally, once the certified project has completed its intended goal of carbon reduction or removal, the carbon offsets are retired to ensure that those credits are not double counted.

Working with GlobalGLO Low Carbon Solutions™ can make your first steps towards reducing your carbon footprint easy and impactful.

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Empowering business

Our unique offerings empower you with tailored choices that align with your business’s emissions targets. With the flexibility of pairing VCOs with fuels used every day, GlobalGLO™ provides a simple, direct pathway to make immediate contributions to the environment without the physical complications of adding infrastructure or impeding operations.

Benefiting the environment

The environmental benefits of our VCOs provide peace of mind for businesses and municipalities alike. We use organizations like the Climate Action Reserve » to verify our selected third-party offsets and ensure the environmental impact we make is positive, measurable and transparent for end users.

Contact us to get started with Voluntary Carbon Offsets.