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The online, mobile-friendly platform that puts buying, bidding, and contract management at your fingertips.

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GlobalCONNECT is your one stop shop to help manage your business with Global Partners LP. GlobalCONNECT offers a singular site for all your account information and market prices to help you make the best decisions to grow your business. With our
Buy Now feature, you can take advantage of the intra-day market price moves with easy online ordering direct from your home computer, or using the GlobalCONNECT App on your phone.


With GlobalCONNECT you can:

  • Access Pricing Information for both current day and historical prices
  • Review and Print BOLs, Invoices, end EFP information for easy back office reconciliation
  • Leverage Global’s real-time buying platform and take advantage of the daily market with the BUY NOW feature to place a market order, or make a bid
  • Manage existing contracts to better track performance on these deals

To find out more, please call your Sales Rep or reach out to our Marketing Department at 1-800-685-7222, or email [email protected].

Invoices and BOLs

Access invoices and BOLs in real-time through GlobalCONNECT and easily print or download into excel for easy accounting of all business.


See current day prices or historical pricing by terminal and product. View in GlobalCONNECT or download into excel for easy analysis.

Real-Time Contracts

Easy to use interface for market orders or placing bids using the BUY NOW feature. Forwards and Heat Curves are also available online for those customers participating in Fixed Price programs with Global.

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GlobalCONNECT Online

All these features are available on the Mobile App available in Android or IOS marketplace. You can access your invoices, BOLS, Prices, and easy online ordering for on-the-go prompt purchases direct from your phone.

Global Connect Contact

Marketing Department
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 800-685-7222

What Our Clients Say

“Global Connect has revolutionized the way I purchase my products. Whether from my desktop or smartphone, I can see everything about real time markets, recent invoices, posted prices and of course bid on products to capture dips in market prices. Global’s platform has made my life much easier!”


— Van Etten Oil & Propane

“Our company encompasses a wide region with multiple locations and satellite offices. Global has implemented a web-based platform that has increased productivity in accounting, reconciliation, and EFT drafting within our petroleum department. Global platform allows our company to buy product, review BOLs, reconcile invoices and evaluate EFTs in a few short clicks of the mouse. One helpful feature is the ability to look up Bill of Ladings. When drivers misplace, tear, or spill coffee on paperwork it was a cumbersome process to request more copies. Inventory management has become a breeze with up-to-date liftings and app allow us to review all aspects of business at the touch of a finger.”


— Stewart’s Shops