Heating Oil Plus®

Heating Oil Plus® is Global’s proprietary premium heating fuel.

Our Heating Oil Plus® premium fuel conditioner is a solution in every sense of the word. Formulated to keep tanks clean and today’s fuel stable, Heating Oil Plus® has been shown to drastically reduce after-hours service calls related to filter, nozzle, and strainer plugging, which keeps customers satisfied, technicians happy, and service contracts more profitable. In a labor shortage such as the one we are experiencing, Heating Oil Plus® picks up the slack by preventing service calls before they occur, freeing technicians to spend time on scheduled maintenance and other, more profitable jobs.

Heating Oil Plus® aligns with Global’s commitment to lead the heating oil industry in its resolution to achieve net-zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 through the increase of low-carbon liquid fuels throughout our terminal network. With its unique tri-stabilizer package, Heating Oil Plus® improves the performance and reliability of traditional heating oil, ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO), and biodiesel blends, or Bioheat Fuel, up to 20 percent.

Today, in addition to assessing our terminal assets to determine how to make ULSHO-biodiesel blends available at all of our locations, we are studying harbor fuels to understand what, if any, Heating Oil Plus® formulation changes will be required to meet the demands of the New England Fuel Institute’s resolution to move the industry to B50 by 2030.

With Heating Oil Plus®, backed by our technical support team and proud legacy of proactively protecting our customers from changes in the fuel slate, we can help you to safely establish a Bioheat Fuel program this season, or guide your seamless transition to higher biodiesel blends and a sustainable business for the future.

Every gallon of Heating Oil Plus® contains:

  • Metal deactivator
  • Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Tri-stabilizer
  • Dispersant

Consistent use can provide the following benefits:

  • Treatment cost is a mere fraction of a cent per gallon.
  • Unscheduled service calls are reduced, which protects service contract revenue.
  • Customer loyalty is enhanced by reducing fuel related “no heat” calls.
  • Comprehensive technical and marketing support is provided.
  • Blending at the rack eliminates the expense of handling additives and possible over or under treatment of product.

Heating Oil Plus® is available exclusively from Global Companies LLC and Global Montello Group Corp. In addition to rack blending, Heating Oil Plus® is also available in pails, drums or by precise truck mounted injection as it is delivered to customers.

For more information about Heating Oil Plus®, send an email to [email protected], or the Global Marketing Department by email or by phone at 800-685-7222.

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