Global unveils its first company-owned EV charging station in Worcester

Eight people standing behind a long white ribbon in a parking lot. An electric vehicle charging station and car are behind them.

As part of its efforts to diversify into more alternative fuels, Global Partners has activated its first company-owned electric vehicle charging station. The DC fast-charging station, which includes two vehicle chargers, is located at Global’s XtraMart convenience and fueling station at 280 Providence St. in Worcester, Massachusetts.

“As we transition our energy sources, Global plans on moving its business into those alternative energy sources, whether they’re electric or renewable liquid fuels,” said Global CEO Eric Slifka at a ribbon-cutting event on Sept. 19. “We think we have a role to play because we have the physical assets that can deliver on that convenience for people as they’re driving their cars.”

Though the new charging station is the first owned by Global, it is not the only one in its growing portfolio. The company has two additional EV charging station sites with chargers owned by another entity, as well as a solar canopy. In addition, Global has hired experts in electrification and renewable fuels, and it has launched a student competition, Fuel the Future, designed to inspire ideas for future fueling stations. The competition will award scholarships to the top three winners.

To help make the new charging station a reality, Global participated in the Massachusetts Electric Vehicle Incentive Program and National Grid’s Electric Vehicle Charging Station Make-Ready Programs, both of which provided incentives to help with the project.

Global has six more charging stations currently under construction. Global wants to do its part to help achieve the goals of the Massachusetts Clean Energy and Climate Plan for 2030. That plan calls for 900,000 electric vehicles on the road and 75,000 public charging stations in Massachusetts by 2030.