Renewable Diesel

Global offers renewable diesel to help serve the diversifying fuel needs of West Coast, East Coast and international markets.


For Wholesale opportunities, please contact John McCusker.

We have renewable diesel at multiple terminals, including those in:  Clatskanie, Oregon; Albany and Newburgh, New York; Providence, Rhode Island; and, soon, Chelsea, Massachusetts.

Renewable diesel is an entirely renewable fuel that, according to the EPA, can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 78% on a per-gallon basis compared to fossil diesel1. Renewable diesel uses a wide range of fats, oils, and waste products from the food and restaurant industries to create a fuel that performs as well as petroleum diesel – without the environmental impact. It is a drop-in fuel compatible with current storage tanks and diesel engines without any modifications; it can be blended with petroleum diesel or replaced altogether.

At our terminal in Clatskanie, Oregon, we receive, store, and ship renewable diesel. Global also receives and stores this product at our terminals in Albany and Newburgh, New York, Providence, Rhode Island and, soon, Chelsea, Massachusetts. We also sell R20, R50, and R99 blends to local and regional jobbers and distributors throughout the Northeast out of Global Albany.

In short, renewable diesel is an excellent and immediate opportunity to minimize environmental impacts that can be measured and verified while meeting performance needs. Global can deliver solutions without costly infrastructure investments or performance sacrifices if your organization is interested in low-carbon products for compliance or marketing purposes.

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