Renewable Diesel

Global offers renewable diesel to help serve the diversifying fuel needs of West Coast and international markets.


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Global Partners offers renewable diesel from its terminal in Clatskanie, Oregon, meeting the needs of customers on the West Coast and in international markets.

Derived from used plant oils and animal fats, renewable diesel is a cleaner-burning fuel than petroleum diesel. It can be used in any diesel engine, and it can be blended with petroleum diesel in any amount or replace it altogether. Its use can help reduce greenhouse emissions and help meet state and federal climate standards.

Renewable diesel is also less volatile and safer to transport and store than other fuels.

Global receives, stores and ships renewable diesel through its terminal in Clatskanie, Oregon, which is currently able to handle 1.8 billion gallons of product per year.

Global also offers biodiesel as well as a range of biofuel blends, from B2 to B99. More information on those fuels is available here.

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