Sustainability is a key component of our environmental, health, and safety program across all of our operations.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of our operations, as we fulfill our customers’ demands for our products while simultaneously meeting our responsibility to safeguard the environment. We contribute our time, resources and capital to explore projects that are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.

Renewable & Alternative Fueling

Large scale solar power complex
  • We have many years of expertise in the sourcing and distribution of biofuels in the Northeast to our wholesale customers, including biodiesel, ethanol, renewable diesel, Bioheat®, and more. These fuels are renewable, burn cleaner, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • With our real estate and retail presence, we are playing a role in the future of electric charging infrastructure.
  • We have also been active in exploring opportunities to provide other alternative fuels to the motoring public including hydrogen fueling, renewable diesel, and compressed natural gas.

Energy Efficiency & Alternative Energy Initiatives

Large scale solar power complex
  • Global uses advanced, remote-energy monitoring technology to audit and optimize our terminal and convenience store electricity usage, lowering costs and reducing our impact to the electric grid.
  • Global helps support development of large scale solar electricity projects by purchasing net metering credits from the developers to offset our utility bills. Through this mechanism we are currently powering more than 26 of our stations with solar energy.
  • We are exploring the direct installation of solar panels to generate solar electricity at certain number of our terminal and retail locations.
  • We are conducting energy audits at our terminals to look for efficient energy solutions across our operational footprint. For example, we use “Variable Frequency Drive Pumps” at a number of locations. These pumps utilize less energy by responding to actual demand.

Conservation Efforts

  • We have revised our construction standards for retail locations to include energy efficient strategies and environmentally responsible materials.
  • We are replacing traditional lighting with LED lighting throughout our retail operations.
  • We are introducing recyclable and compostable packaging in our Alltown Fresh® retail stores, and we are looking to expand the program.
  • Our Alltown Fresh® strategy includes offering locally sourced products and organic food options.