Global Partners Launched First Annual Student Design Competition: Fuel the Future 2030

As transportation is quickly changing with a higher focus on decarbonization and consumer demand for high-quality goods, Global saw the need to rethink the fueling station. In 2022, Global launched its first student design competition asking college and graduate students to design what they saw as a fueling station of the future.

“There is so much potential and innovation on our local college campuses. We were excited to see what students thought a near-term future fueling station should look and feel like, and what kind of amenities it might offer travelers on their journeys,” said James Cater, Electric Innovation Strategist at Global Partners.

Undergraduate and graduate student teams across the Northeast submitted their designs and were then invited to join us at the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation to present their ideas. Global assembled a group of volunteer judges with expertise in design, clean transportation, and fueling stations and the top three teams won cash prizes.

Congratulations to our winners, students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Connecticut, and Northeastern University! We’re excited to start this annual tradition.