Global Raises +$20,000 for Mark & Mocha’s Roll/Stroll to Combat Hunger

Mark, Mocha, and Global Employees smiling together

On November 7, Mark Roberts and his labradoodle, Mocha, rolled over the finish line in his electric wheelchair in Provincetown, Massachusetts, after a seven-week journey across the state to raise awareness and funds to combat hunger. Global Partners is proud to have raised  $21,116 for Mark’s 4Huger initiative, helping the duo reach their goal of raising $100,000 for food banks in Massachusetts communities. The 107 Global family of retail stores in Massachusetts collected $13,611 in just under five weeks, an impressive feat, and Global employees donated $2,505 directly to the 4Hunger site. Additional donations of $2,500 were made each by Global, matching the employee giving, and distributor J. Polep.

In addition to dollars raised, Global provided Alltown Fresh® provisions for Mark, Mocha, and the team during the sponsored week and invited Global employees to walk along during the fourth week of Mark’s journey. “Seeing Mark and Mocha pass Global headquarters in Waltham was truly inspiring,” said Eric Slifka, President and CEO of Global Partners. “Hunger is such an important issue in our local community, and we were excited to join Mark in his fight against food insecurity.”

Maura McDonough, Global’s Head of HR, joined Mark and Mocha in Provincetown to celebrate the conclusion of the journey and present a check for $18,000, an estimation at the time while Global continued to crunch the final numbers. “I’m appreciative of Global’s sponsorship and their help to combat the rising issue of hunger,” Roberts said. “It’s important to do what we can to support our communities.”

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