Corporate Governance

At Global we run our business with a commitment to work within a framework of strong corporate governance and business ethics.

Global GP LLC (“Global GP”) is a Delaware limited liability company and the general partner of Global Partners LP (the “Partnership”), a Delaware limited partnership.  Global GP is governed by a limited liability company agreement and the Partnership is governed by a limited partnership agreement.

We operate with accountability to all our stakeholders: our employees, our investors, our customers, and the communities in which we operate.

Our Board of Directors is comprised of eight individuals, four of whom are independent directors.The Board has three committees: Audit, Compensation, and Conflicts.  The members of our Audit, Compensation, and Conflicts committees are all independent directors. More on our board and committees can be found here.

Our Board and Committee members are deeply committed to Global and their skills and experience support our business strategies.

Our philosophy is to meet or exceed current regulatory requirements and to provide our employees with policies and procedures to govern day-to-day operations. We have policies and procedures to manage our affairs including a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, an Anonymous Reporting Hotline, an Environmental, Health, and Safety Statement, an Insider Trading Policy, and programs governing risk management and cybersecurity matters.

We are an equal opportunity employer. At Global, diversity means embracing differences and promoting an inclusive organization that values the diversity of employees, customers, suppliers, and community partners.  We have an Affirmative Action Plan and provide training for our employees in our commitment to promote a workplace free from harassment and discrimination.