Public & Private Bids

Global Montello Group Corp. (“GMGC”) responds to bid requests from a broad spectrum of municipal, state and federal agencies, as well as public and private institutions such as hospitals, schools and private companies.

Competitive bids from GMGC for fuel oil can be obtained at a locked-in price for a set period of time with downside price protection (at the purchaser’s option), or at a set price over a predetermined time period. In addition, GMGC can provide bid quotations that rely on pricing benchmarks or indices to establish pricing at time of delivery or contract settlement.

GMGC has an extensive history of meeting the supply requirements of its bid accounts in a timely and reliable manner.

All of Global’s energy products are available through the bid process, including heating oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, heavy oil, natural gas and electricity.

For additional information or to submit an RFP, please contact Kevin Young by email at or Global Montello Group Corp. by or by phone at 800-685-7222.

Download the Global Montello Credit Application (pdf). 

Global Posted Retail Prices for Deliveries to

Customer Storage Tanks.

  Posted Prices*
Effective Date:  11/16/18   11/9/18   11/2/18  10/26/18
Kerosene  N/A  N/A   N/A    N/A 
ULSD  N/A    N/A   N/A     N/A 
Premium ULSD


 N/A  N/A  N/A 
87 Oct. Gasoline  $ 2.0940  2.1850  2.2979  $ 2.3804
89 Oct. Gasoline  $ 2.1578  $ 2.2646  2.3759  $ 2.4544
93 Oct. Gasoline  $ 2.2290  2.3595  2.4684  2.5409
Posted Price*: Excludes all taxes.
For Credit Approved Customers in Massachusetts & New York


Public & Private Bids

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